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The Lord of the Coins: The Two Towers

8 minute read

Recently there was an interesting puzzle posted on the ODS Slack channel. An ancient evil dragon captures Alice and Bob and puts them in two different towers. The dragon tosses a fair coin infinitely many times for Alice, and then does the same for Bob. The adventures should each name a number, and the dragon checks the coin toss outcome of the Alice’s infinite sequence at the position number, named by Bob, and then the coin toss outcome of the Bob’s sequence at the position number, named by Alice. If the outcomes are the same, our heroes are free. Wh...

Fantastic Adjoints And How To Find Them

1 minute read

This is a very short note about the adjoints. I hope it would be as useful for those feeling a bit confused with this wonderful mathematical concept as it was for me. Although there is not a single word about sensitivity, this very short example can give you a sneek peek.

Adjoints for shape optimization: Inkjet microchannels

6 minute read

I have recently given a talk about shape optimization using adjoints (work done by me and Prof. Matthew Juniper). We applied the adjoint approach and finite elements method to improve the performance of inkjet drop-on-demand printers. We proposed a way to increase the printing speed by controlling the acoustic properties of the flow.