Hey there!

My name is Petr Kungurtsev. I live in Cambridge, UK.

I do software engineering and science, and a bit more. I code in Python, use Postgres and InfluxDB, and occasionally write in JS (Node / React) for web stuff. I encourage rapid iterative feedback from both users and the team, and praise all types of criticism.


Currently I work as a Senior Software Engineer at Secondmind.

Previously I worked as a Scientific Software Developer at Enthought, where I

  • Together with product owners, scientists, and engineers identify business objectives and priorities,
  • Build services and applications to support collection, retrieval and analysis of data in research workflows,
  • Produce high-level reports and documentation for clients and internal projects,
  • Analyse scientific and technological opportunities, prepare delivery roadmap, and propose new work directions in an agile manner.

I am open to collaboration with groups and individuals who want to transform their research ideas into innovative products, and scale them.


I hold a PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge, where I worked on adjoint-based optimization for acoustic and inkjet devices. I got my undergraduate and masters degree in Physics at Novosibirsk State University with 5.0/5.0 GPA.

I am interested in the following fields of research:

  • Automatic differentiation, adjoint-based sensitivity analysis, and optimization
  • Modelling of multi agent systems (applied to stock market, in particular)
  • Physics informed deep learning

See my Github and Google Scholar profile for more information.